Show Us Your Life – Entry Ways/Foyers

Yesterday over at Kelly’s Korner her post focused on “Show Us Your Life -Entry Ways/Foyers.”  I just love to see how other people decorate their homes and her idea fits right in.  I enjoy looking at design photos, watching design shows and shopping around for decorating ideas and items.  I love to tour model homes too, you can always get good ideas from them. 

So here are some pictures of the entryway/foyer in our home.

A unique feature in our front door is the speakeasy (little door) that opens up so we can see who is on the other side.  I did not want glass panels on the side that you could see through for privacy reasons, so when I found this door with the little speakeasy, I had to have it!

When we designed our home, I had to have a ledge above our front door.  We wanted a two story entry way, so adding this was not a problem.  I love that I can decorate up there.  And we also put a plug in up there that is controlled by a light switch.  That way I can put a Christmas tree up there in December and just turn it on and off by the switch at ease.

As evidenced by the cords you see to the left and the shadows thru the glass panels, the Christmas decorations are up.  I have a old sleigh on my front porch and a skinny tree.  And in the dining room windows I have light up grapevine stars.  And of course, the Christmas tree on the ledge above the front door.

Looking into the office from the entry way.

Our dining room is open to the entry way.  Separation is distinguished by two columns.

I absolutely love my baton entry way light.  I searched forever for something unique, modern and cool.  I think I accomplished my goal. 

From the loft looking out the second story entry way window.  Look at all the snow we woke up to this morning!  Or maybe that’s because my window is so dirty…

Had to cover the wood flooring with a big area rug because it is getting scratched by these two girls, Journey and Ripley.

Yes, that’s a baby gate your noticing on the staircase.  And no, I don’t have any babies, just puppies that like to roam. 

Yesterdays post on Kelly’s Korner was her next to last in the Show Us Your Life series.  And since I did not get to participate in all of them, I think throughout the new year I will continue to do posts on my own. 

Here are some posts that I did on “Extra Rooms” of my home and “Bathrooms” too.

Now it’s time that I get all the goodies packed up for my neighbors and load them in my car and make my deliveries of their Christmas goodies.  Check back tomorrow for a post on all the homemade treats they are receiving from me!  I didn’t spend 12 hours in the kitchen yesterday for nothing! 

And if you ask why I am driving to my neighbors house instead of walking…this is why…

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!  We have some already and it’s still falling!  So pretty!

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10 Responses to Show Us Your Life – Entry Ways/Foyers

  1. Monique says:

    Just linked up with Kelly’s Korner “Show us your entry way”. Came across your blog which is lovely not to mention your entrance!! Very nice.

  2. I love your entry way and the light! I really love your runner, love the colors!

  3. Katrine says:

    Your house is beautiful! I love the door!

  4. Wow, your entryway is gorgeous! I spend more time watching HGTV than I probably should, I love seeing how people decorate their houses 🙂

  5. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love your style! Where do you live? A house that grand would be at least $2M where I live!

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