National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

Today just might be my favorite day of the year 🙂

It’s National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day!

Things I like dipped in chocolate:

  • strawberries
  • marshmallows
  • rice krispie treats
  • pound cake
  • brownies
  • cookie dough
  • oreos
  • cheerios
  • pretzels
  • chex
  • sunflower seeds
  • peanuts
  • raisins
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • nutter butter cookies
  • graham crackers
  • ritz and peanut butter sandwhiches
  • peanut butter balls

I have not tried dipping chips, bacon, pickles, crispy ramen noodles, grasshoppers or any of that other weird stuff in chocolate.  Have you?

Like we need another excuse to indulge…but today is a day to do it~!~!

Yes, those are all my photos.  Can’t tell I like chocolate can ya!!!

I will be bringing out my chocolate fountain for this weekends Christmas party!

What is your favorite thing to dip in chocolate?

About TheSceneFromMe

Wife, Foodie, Traveler, Shopaholic. I am a thirty-something tactfully-opinionated nurse living in the Midwest. I believe shopping counts as cardio, tea cannot be too sweet, anything orange (and sparkly!) can cure a bad mood, and no one can have enough clothes, accessories or shoes. I love to bake, indulge in celebrity gossip, cupcakes, reality tv, photography, travel anywhere new or places that I've already graced, spend time with my family and live life the way I am meant to. I am in love with my iPhone, husband and 2 wrinkly shar-peis. Join me on the journey of my candy coated life. Fasten your seatbelts! This is the scene from ME!
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25 Responses to National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

  1. I will be celebrating this day on my blog now that I know what day it is! Awesome!

  2. All fruit dipped in chocolate. Have you ever been to the melting pot? I could just all the various types of chocolate for my meal bahaha.

    Strawberrys are good, but from your list I choose cookie dough and pound cake nom nom nom.

  3. I really love strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate, along with marshmellows and angel food cake! This post really has me craving chocolate and it is only 6:40am!

  4. J.Flo says:

    I finally got your blog today in my email! WooHoo!!!! I love Strawberries, Bananas, Biscottis and cookies dipped in Chocolate!

  5. That’s it. I’m done. This has made my week.


  6. I don’t discriminate! I like everything covered in chocolate!!! This is my favorite holiday ever!

  7. kbwood says:

    OH girl! i want chocolate now!!!
    I love your blog! I just went to a party with a chocolate fountain- it was delish!

  8. Up until going gluten free, I was all about chocolate covered pretzels.

    When once visiting a chocolate shop for an event I was working on, the owner had me try cocoa nib filled dark chocolate. HOLY YUM.

  9. Anne Marie says:

    This post makes me want to go eat a bunch of Lindor Lindt Truffles… yum!! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  10. Your welcome Anne Marie, same to you!

  11. Salah says:

    I now want chocolate…..more than anything…..:-)’

  12. i LOVE chocolate and strawberries! We had one of these at my cousins wedding a few weeks ag0…I was ALL over it, I made some smores too 🙂

  13. Katie says:

    Love Chocolate fountains! Yay for parties! I love chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels the best!

    Happy Weekend to you girl! xoxo

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