Chocolate Mint Bliss

Ok.  I know what you may be thinking.  More mint.  Another post on something minty from Amy.

Why yes it is!  Mint is a flavor of the season.  Smoothe, creamy, minty enjoyment between two salty pretzel rounds, covered in dark chocolate.

Have you saw these Snyders of Hanover York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwiches in the store?  I grabbed a bag so quickly when I saw them, people probably felt the rush of air movement~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!  (~=wind)

Let me just tell you that they are extremely delicious!

I could’ve eaten the whole thing in one bite, but I didn’t.  Just for you.  Just to show you the inside of these lil munchkins.

These may be just a seasonal item, so if I were you, I would run to the nearest store and getch’ya a bag!

So excited because Christmas Eve and Christmas are coming right up!

And if you are looking for a minty treat to make for your family this holiday season, check out these posts:



What will you be most excited about on Christmas Day?

What store bought treat have you discovered this holiday season?


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Wife, Foodie, Traveler, Shopaholic. I am a thirty-something tactfully-opinionated nurse living in the Midwest. I believe shopping counts as cardio, tea cannot be too sweet, anything orange (and sparkly!) can cure a bad mood, and no one can have enough clothes, accessories or shoes. I love to bake, indulge in celebrity gossip, cupcakes, reality tv, photography, travel anywhere new or places that I've already graced, spend time with my family and live life the way I am meant to. I am in love with my iPhone, husband and 2 wrinkly shar-peis. Join me on the journey of my candy coated life. Fasten your seatbelts! This is the scene from ME!
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14 Responses to Chocolate Mint Bliss

  1. meri says:

    I’m sure not gonna be mad atcha for more mint! My friends and fam are probably sick of ME talking about mint!
    I’ll have to try this- looks fun!

  2. These look great! I have discovered some more mint-chocolate goodness too!
    o ya!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh HOLY NIGHT!!!! Looks Sooooo good?!

  4. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Holy heck those look amazing!!! I had Andes Mint cookies the other day and they were ahhh-mazing. I can’t wait to try these!

    I’m looking forward to Christmas day brunch + mimosas 🙂

  5. I haven’t seen those…oh yum!

    I’ve found Maple Nut coffee that is to die for! And tonight I’m going to try some Silk eggnog 😉

  6. Paula Bennett says:

    I love them, just can’t find them anywhere. They are really good too!

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