Man In The Kitchen

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 014 It had been a lazy winter day (day off for me, slow work day for my husband) when he got the idea in his head that he was going to make me dinner.  “Of course that would be okay” I said to him.  It was just another one of his brilliant ideas.  This meant more play time for me and it let him exercise his creative rights. 

Let me just tell you, his creativity was spot on this night.  He fixed a wonderfully delicious meal that I couldn’t have done any better myself.  He incorporated all the things I love into this fab meal for me 🙂 

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 002This is just part of the stuff he came home from the store with above.  Never fails when he goes to the store for a “few things” it turns out to be a mega shopping spree for him.  At least this time he didn’t come home with that ever so addicting box of chocolate lover’s Entenmanns’s donuts or a tall jar of marshmallow cream!  Which he has done before and over the next several days I’ve proceeded to eat it all.Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 004

This nutty grainy loaf of wheat bread was a great purchase by the husband.  I love whole wheat bread with some crunch!

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 003The ground beef was 96% lean and once it was cooked, there was no need to drain any grease off of it because it didn’t have any!

He added a whole onion to the meat in the dutch oven.  Yes, you can say we love our onions!  Hey, at least it’s both of us and not one of us~Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 008

For Christmas I received a garlic press.  This was his virgin attempt at pressing garlic to get some fresh garlic for the homemade pasta sauce.  Peel, squeeze, puuush!

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 005    And the finished product:  Homemade meaty tomato sauce over whole wheat pasta drenched in freshly shredded mizithra cheese!  Have you ever tried mizithra cheese?  It is so good.  I first fell in love with it at the Spaghetti Factory.  And now that we know they sell it in our local grocery store we buy it often, so delicious!Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 009  And of course that whole grain bread that was turned in to toasted garlic bread to accompany our Italian meal!Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 010Pour on the cheese!Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 006Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 011 Al dente whole wheat pasta just the way I like it with a thick meaty sauce and some salty mizithra cheese on top!

My man was even in the kitchen singing “It’s Italiano” in his best Italian accent while preparing our dinner.Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 012

Oh, and he said this is “medicine.”  He likes wine, I don’t and wished I did.  I tasted it and me no likey.     Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 017 Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 018

Grazie amore per sapermi amare



What’s a good home-cooked meal without dessert?  Once again, my husband did not disappoint with this one. 

So simple, yet so delicious. 

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 019 Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 016Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 020 Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 021

A big scoop of organic vanilla Rice Dream with fresh rasberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Fantastically sweet, creamy and juicy!

Man in the kitchen 12-30-10 022


Gotta love that man of mine 🙂

A few movies I’ve seen recently are “Little Fockers” and “Easy A”.  Both were good for some belly laughs 🙂  And we watched the documentary “Boys Of Fall.”  What a great testament to football season!

What is the best movie you’ve seen recently?



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60 Responses to Man In The Kitchen

  1. awww so sweet! i love when my hubby cooks for me 🙂

  2. Holli says:

    What a great guy!

  3. How sweet! My hubby hasn’t cooked for me in a long time, but does grilling count? He’s great with the grill. And I learned my lesson quick when I send him to the store with two things on the list. He always comes back with a dozen items I didn’t ask for!!!

  4. greekmelie says:

    Where, where you do you find mizithra cheese? I love it but I’ ve never found it in LA.

  5. rebecca says:

    wow so sweet of him love spaghetti

    Happy new year thanks so much for visiting my blog


  6. simplyshaka says:

    I miss having a guy cook for me. Must find one asap. I like that he sings also when cooking, thats cute. It took me years to dig wine–have you tried a variety and haven’t like any? It could happen one day just sayin 🙂

    The bread looks amazing. I wish I could eats carbs all day long and not have an effect on me.

    I usually just netflix shows and not movies since I have no attention span. I’ve been hooked on Weeds, Nurse Jackie and Gilmore Girls.

    • Maybe one day I will become a Wine-O! I have tried different varieties and my palate doesn’t like them yet. Guess what, my husband went to the store again today and came home with another loaf of that same bread! He said since I liked it so much the first time he was being nice and got me another one 🙂

  7. Tiffany says:

    I’m just like your husband! I go the store–WITH A LIST–and still come back with a cart full of food! (and the WORST is Target!!!) 😀

  8. Woohoo on Man in the Kitchen! My hubby is like that when he goes to the grocery store. I never know what all he’s going to come home with. I used to hate wine, but I started off tasting lighter wines like Pinot Grigios then slowly progressed to Pinot Noir.

  9. How nice! Dinner looks yummy too 🙂

    I love bread like that—I feel like I should start making it, but then I’m afraid I’d eat too much!

  10. My husband has never just spur of the moment offered to cook! Your meal looks delicious. I’ve never heard of that cheese, but it must be good!

  11. What a great guy! Everything looks fabulous. Aren’t you one lucky girly!

  12. What a delicious looking meal and dessert!! I never turn down my boyfriend when he wants to cook for me 😉

  13. Jan says:

    Dinner sounds great! Yea for Dustin! Got the cheese @ Target? I haven’t had it since my last visit to the Spaghetti Factory. I stopped by Archiver’s after work today–only do 8 on Sunday. Saw all the trays on display…I will be making one ..or two! So much to do…Jan

    • Oh good Jan, I can’t wait to see the trays that you make too!
      Yep, the first time I ever had mizithra cheese was at the Spaghetti Factory and I’ve loved it ever since. He got it at Kroger, did you see it at Marsh too?
      See ya soon~

  14. what a good guy! I love that he’s singing while he’s cooking – presh! : )

  15. Oh I love when the hubby cooks! Bread looks divine too. And wine just seals the deal 😉

  16. I want a man to fix me a bowl of noodles! Gluten-free ones that is!
    That bread looks amazing!! So thick and hearty and buttery!

  17. Man in the kitch!? no way! girls club; get out! JK! maybe that’s why I have no man to put an apron on…

  18. I also love when my Balazs cooks and your hubby did so well..Yum, everything looks so good:)
    Happy Monday, my dear

  19. whathappensafter5 says:

    Sounds wonderful – and how sweet of him to do the cooking!

  20. That’s so sweet! Where can I find a guy that cooks?! 😉

  21. Aw, what a sweet husband!
    I’m jealous that you have the Spaghetti Factory cheese-I love that stuff-I should look for it in the grocery store!

  22. Lauren says:

    Wow! Your husband did great!!

    I do love when my boyfriend cooks, and when he takes special care to make something with ingredients he knows I’ll love. I love the thoughtfulness of it…and especially love not having to decide what to eat (let alone make it!)

  23. Lisa Fine says:

    I love when my boyfriend cooks for me. Actually, he and his friend are supposed to be cooking the girls dinner tomorrow, which will be a nice treat.

    I didn’t know Rice Dream now makes organic rice milk ice cream. I’ll have to look for it.

  24. That happens to be the meal that my man always makes me! 🙂 It always tastes wonderful!

  25. Love when my fiance cooks-it’s my fav! I’m glad to see i’m not the only one on a mini pasta crave! Yours is making me want it again tonight-oh well:):):)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog-so glad I found yours now!!!!

  26. We stayed in on sunday snowday and watched Easy A and my hubby cooked dinner for me too! Loved the movie!
    My husband is not a big cook though so the parts of the dinner that I didn’t walk him through I ended up finishing for him.. I’m not sure how it happened. He is sneaky that way. He is great at washing dishes though!!

  27. Lindsay says:

    Wow! What a lovely, thoughtful husband you have! Dinner looks delicious!

  28. allieatfood says:

    Yumm! Everything about that meal looks amazing…from the nutty bread to the al dente pasta. Definitely something I’d enjoy 🙂 What does the Rice Dream taste like? Where can you get it? Looks so tasty with those fresh berries!

  29. Lyndsy says:

    I love mizthra cheese! It is sometimes so hard to find it in LA though! Good stuff!

  30. Impressive! I love a man that knows his way around the kitchen! Dinner looks fantastic! I’ve had that bread before, it is amazing! Love all the little sprout-y pieces in it! Heck yeah for making it into garlic bread!

    I love wine, but I’m not big on merlot. I’m more of a cabernet sorta girl! 🙂

  31. Omg! First Kristina, now you… I want a spaghetti dinner toooo! =)

    The meal looks delish! He did a wonderful job! ❤

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