Jumpin for Jarlsberg

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 011

You know they say to never go to the grocery store hungry.  Well I did.   I had been working around the house blogging and time got away from me and I headed out to the store to cross that task off my “to do” list as well.  My stomach was growling feed me and my eyes got glued on this Jarlsberg cheese dip.

You see I’ve had this before.  One of my girlfriends brought this to a girls get together I had here at my house several years ago.  Everyone raved about it.  I thought she made it, turns out she got it from our local grocery store.  Dang it!  Now I knew where to find this evil snack.

This has been served many a times since that fateful party too.  We even had some at a Christmas cookie exchange that I went to.


Cheese, cookies, crock pot 001 

It’s a mix of mayo, Jarlsberg cheese and red onion .  Creamy delicousness!

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 003

But of course, being the onion lover that I am, I added more red onion pieces to our container of cheese dip!

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 002

{{tears}} The red onions were sliced and diced and added in!

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 007Cheese, cookies, crock pot 008Cheese, cookies, crock pot 009

I just love thin and crispy crackers.  I spotted these flatbread ones and thought they would be perfect with the cheese dip.

Turns out they were!

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 004 

Everything flatbread crackers.  Look at how thin and crispy they are!  Love all those seeds too~

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 006   

Snack time!  In fact this was much more than just a snack.  This was my lunch this day 🙂

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 010  

I made a plateful.  Ate them all.  Don’t judge!

Cheese, cookies, crock pot 013  


Do you ever go to the grocery store hungry?

And if so, what delicacy did you end up buying at the store just because you were hungry at the time?

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29 Responses to Jumpin for Jarlsberg

  1. That’s a dangerous thing to do-bc then I want everything! I have the problem though that I don’t want to make anything that I buy I want instant gratification so I end up checking out the soups or salad bar and grab WAYYYYYY more than I should-haha

  2. That looks so good – I’m just starting to realize I actually like cheese. I haven’t been to the grocery store hungry in while, but do remember going hungover (or still drunk) a while back and actually picking up cans of Chef Boyardee. Ew.

  3. I had to stop by the grocery store yesterday to pick up a card for me and my boyfriend’s anniversary. Mistake! I was so hungry, and I bought these little pretzel sandwiches filled with peanut butter and covered with chocolate. Oops! 😉

  4. those crackers look SO good! have you tried making your own flatbread crackers? it’s pretty easy

  5. The block of Jarlsberg is my new love. So good. No need for that nasty mayo 😉

    I went to the store hungry and go the Peanut Butter Snickers. Best decision ever. So good!

  6. Meri says:

    yummmm! that looks like the best snack… I never buy cheese because it always goes bad before I remember to eat it. Maybe I’ll get some for a party! Any excuse to eat onions…

  7. This Italian Family says:

    I try to never go to the store hungry because inevitably I end up buying waaay more than I need, haha!

  8. simplyshaka says:

    Ohhhhh looks delicious! I’m not sure if I’ve tried Jarlsberg before but I am all about the dip-looks super creamy and packed with flavor. Red onions are my favorite kind of onions, I love their taste so much, especially with Mexican food 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your snow day!!

  9. Oh my word! I am so hungry right now and that looks SOOOO good and you know what stinks? I just got back from the store and do not have that yummy cheese! I am so getting some next time!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too, I am looking forward to following yours, your super cute and I love the design!

  10. I totally went to the grocery store hungry today, bought a box of cinnamon Cheerios, and ate them while I was waiting to be picked up 🙂

  11. I went to the grocery store hungry on Monday… I did so good the entire time until i got to the checkout. There my favorite kettle corn popcorn was on sale. I bought a big bag and busted it open in the car 🙂

  12. Your photos look so wonderful and enticing! I can’t do the cheese, but I must find those crackers, they look like Dr. Krackers.

  13. That dip looks sinful! Love the close up pic of those crackers…so seedy!

    If I go to the grocery store hungry, I always end up with a bunch of snacky stuff: bars, trail mix, nuts. Then I usually end up cracking into a package the moment I get in the car. Though there was this one time I just couldn’t wait and handed an empty Larabar wrapper to the cashier! Haha!

  14. THOSE CRACKERS look amazing!
    I don’t like mayo, or red onion, but those crackers… I’d seriously go nom-crazy on those crackers. 😀

  15. The Jarlsberg dip would definitely pull us in, too! Of course, we’re a little biased. And of course, Jarlsberg does make a great lunch, as a snack by itself, in the dip with crackers, in a grilled cheese sandwich…the list goes on! If you need a little inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day, here are a few new recipes: http://www.foodbuzz.com/brands/producer/jarlsberg/recipe_box?sort_order=recent


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