Friday’s Food For Thought and Toboggans

12-4-10 005


The healthiest winter fruit. 

Tired of apples and oranges? 

Punch up your morning oats with pomegranate seeds!

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber! 

And they add sweetness and some crunch to the typical boring bowl of oats.

This bowl was especially yummy!

12-4-10 006 12-4-10 007 12-4-10 008


Have you ever had one of these Eggo Real Fruit Pizza’s? 

My husband bought this for me at the grocery store.  I wouldn’t have ever bought it for myself.  It was one of those trips that he makes and comes home with a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on the grocery list.

Well, don’t bother ever buying one of these.  After warming it up in the microwave as instructed, it was awful.  Tasteless.

Just warning ya.

12-8-10 051


And so today, with all my snow pants, thick socks, hand warmers, snow boots, “Cousin Eddy” hats, thermals and hot cocoa packed, I was suppossed to be heading out for a weekend at a state park lodge.   I planned to go cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and riding this huge long toboggan sled with my family!  But ICE-ZILLA came and due to the bad weather and road conditions we are not going to be making this drive.  BUMMER!



The toboggan track is a quarter of a mile long and you can reach speeds up to 35-40mph while going down it! 

I was so excited to be spending the days outside in chilly nature, traipsing through the snow and the nights defrosting by a warm fireplace sipping hot drinks at the Inn!


Yes, we were going to be taking the plunge and going down this refrigerated toboggan run!  Feet first!  But instead…we are all staying home, in the comforts of our own houses and hoping this snow and ice melts soon.


Do you have a favorite winter destination?


Do you prefer a wood burning or gas fireplace?


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39 Responses to Friday’s Food For Thought and Toboggans

  1. oh that pizza thing looks awful – Eggo should stick with what they know. Hmm, favorite winter destination would have to be either somewhere not wintery (anywhere!) or Central Park – always beautiful!

  2. My favorite winter destination has to be my boyfriend’s backyard. It’s pretty big and is filled with all sorts of fruit trees, gardens, etc. so it was always looks so pretty in the winter. Have a fun weekend!

  3. I prefer would burning personally.

    We have had a shortage of pomegranates up here! My grocery keeps not restocking them ahh.

  4. i used to do something similar to that tobaganing when i was little in Minnesota except it was called alpine sledding and there was no snow. it was SO MUCH FUN!

  5. Kace says:

    I recently found pomegranate chobani…my life was changed. And that track looks ridiculously fun!

  6. Jenny says:

    Lol the pizza actually looks good!! Nice to know it’s fail so I won’t be tempted to buy it! 🙂 Btw delicious looking oats

  7. That looks like so much fun!!!! We went Tubing once and i’ve been begging to go back (we always have something going on though)!!! Love the addition of pom seeds in your morning oats, I need to try that!

  8. Don’t think I had/saw Eggo fruit pizza before…
    Love that bowl of fruity treat!

  9. Katherine says:

    My favorite winter destination is anywhere warm! I love the beach. I like to ski and I enjoy winter activities for a few days, but it gets old really quickly. I prefer a wood burning fireplace, but I’ve had both and don’t actually care at the end of the day. Nothing like a warm, cozy fire at the end of the day with some coffee and a good book. Or some good conversation.
    I’m so sorry you won’t get to make your trip. What a bummer.

  10. Holli says:

    Now THAT looks fun!!! Wow!!

  11. surlykitchen says:

    i never thought of putting pomegranate seeds in oatmeal, not sure why, but i LOVE the idea. the toboggan track looks fun. i just hate cold weather. brrr

  12. You are so cute! I love the pictures on your blog of food and your pups. I think a scrap book of our furry friends may be just what my husband needs for valentine’s day. Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  13. Ah, that looks like so much fun! Dang ice!! Where is this place? I want to go!! 🙂

  14. Oh those pom seeds look awesome. But that pizza thing looks blegh.

    So sorry you are missing out on the Toboggan. It looks super fun. Never been on one. Maybe soon you can make it.

  15. just looking at the real fruit pizza made my tummy hurt. I’m almost glad it sucks.. you make way better foods anyways =) ❤

  16. I feel like that fruit pizza COULD be good… if it wasn’t made by Kellogs 🙂

  17. Ugh- that sucks about the Eggo breakfast pizza! It looks so good, but I guess looks can be deceiving.
    Keep warm!! It looks SO cold up there!

  18. Wowza! I need to go on that taboggan! That looks BRILLIANT!!
    That pizza looks pretty rank though, didnt even know they existed! lol

  19. This Italian Family says:

    Looks like so much fun! And I love poms! 🙂

  20. Kelli says:

    I have those Eggo breakfast pizzas but not tried them been in freezer for few weeks. Sounds like they aren’t any good): I will have to try the pom seeds in my oatmeal tomorrow. I was so excited to find steel cut oats today!

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