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Oatmeal Fluff

We all know how good oats are.  Oats in a jar, oats with nut butter, oat cookies, oats in granola, oats in smoothies and stovetop oats. This time, I wanted to fluff up my oats.  I mean really puff those … Continue reading

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28 March, 2011 12:01

A wonderful day spent hiking in Joshua Tree National Park in California! The sights were magnificent! We had a picnic lunch here too. More fun times ahead 🙂

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25 March, 2011 14:50

Enjoying spring break out west! Las Vegas, hiking in Red Rock Canyon and onto Palm Springs California. I’ll be back…someday. Maybe!

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Cookie Dough Stuffed Truffles

~~Shake Your Bon Bon, Shake Your Bon Bon~~~ These truffles stuffed with sweet cookie dough are definitely worth dancing for! The delicious taste of chocolate chip cookie dough turned in to a decadent truffle filling and then dunked in drippy … Continue reading

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Chickpea Crunch Salad

Cheap and easy.  Simple and Delicious. That describes this chickpea salad perfectly.  This wonderful vegetable is full of protein and takes center stage in this salad recipe.  Not your traditional salad, as in lettuce salad, but nonetheless it has the … Continue reading

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Protein Packed Pudding~Chia Seed Style

Chi-ch-ch-CHIA.  When you think of chia, you think of chia pets right?  Well chia seeds are no longer being used for just chia pets.  They are incredibly nutritious and are being used in all kinds of baking and cooking recipes … Continue reading

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Sugar Cookie Truffles

Hey Sweetie!  Yes, you.  I’m speaking to you.  Proudly serving, Sugar Cookie Truffles! Petite, bite-sized balls of sugar cookie perfection.  Seriously 🙂 I love those soft sugar cookies you buy at the store in a plastic container that have fluffy … Continue reading

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Rainbow Bright Be Gone

You know what sucks?  (Sorry for being so blunt.) It sucks that I have 81 scrub tops and pants that I am no longer allowed to wear to work. (Yes I did really count them.) As of today, all RN’s … Continue reading

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