Rainbow Bright Be Gone

You know what sucks?  (Sorry for being so blunt.)

It sucks that I have 81 scrub tops and pants that I am no longer allowed to wear to work. (Yes I did really count them.)

As of today, all RN’s at the hospital I work at have to wear navy blue pants and navy blue or white scrub tops.  I have never had a dress code before in all 13 years of my nursing career.  Never.  I have been allowed to wear my rainbow assortment of tops and pants at will.  In fact, I’ve kind of been know as the colorful one at work.  You know the girl who always matches her top to her pants to her shoes to her watch to her earrings to her socks etc.  You get the point.  I had individuality!  Coworkers, patients and families always commented on my “look.”  And I thought my bright colors somewhat had an affect on the patients as to cheer them up.  You know how bright colors are cheerful.  But somewhere up in the hierarchy of hospital administration they have chosen to make everyone go buy new uniforms and adhere to a dress code.

Navy blue is not even close to being one of my favorite colors-blek 😦

White tops are not friendly as you can see thru any piece of white material.  Undershirts are a must.

I need to borrow a BEDAZZLER, anyone have one? 

I need to funk up my navy blue uniforms with some pizzazz.  Any ideas?

No fear though, because as of now we can still wear any shoe color that we want.  And I have many banging bright shoes to wear that will add a lil touch of color to my uniforms!  Still happy about that.

So this array of colorful uniforms that I own will be put away for the time being.  Bye bye beautiful brights.

  Nurse 2-9-11 017

The rainbow of scrubs collection of mine.  Rainbow be gone.  Rainbow be boxed up and put away until I get another job someday.

Nurse 2-9-11 015  

The row of soles.  I clearly like to see all my options at once.  It’s easier that way.

Nurse 2-9-11 018

I just love all my colorful tennis shoes!  They are bright, they stand out and I like it.

Nurse 2-9-11 019

Shoes, shoes and more tennis shoes.  More colors, more styles, more soles.

Nurse 2-9-11 020

To say I have enough shoes is an understatement.  I have way more than I need.  But you know, I girl’s gotta have CHOICES!  And these are just my tennis shoes.  You don’t want to see the rest of my collection.

Nurse 2-9-11 021

More fun sneakers!  I told you have them in just about every color!

Nurse 2-9-11 022

More shoes.  Yep, I’ve ran 4 half marathons in those New Balance shoes on the right hand side.  Can’t tell can ya?  I should gold plate them.

Nurse 2-9-11 023

Yep, I’m mad about the whole switching from whatever we want to wear to being told I must wear navy blue and white scrubs.

I own nothing navy blue (except jeans).  I mean nothing.  I don’t wear this color.  And now I am told I have to.  What happened to letting us have our own individuality and style while at work.  I have enough blue and white scrubs now to last me forever.  But I would be willing to give them up anytime to have my beloved bright and colorful uniforms back.  Now every single one of us nurses look alike.  My patients used to be able to say “my nurse is the one in the orange” or yellow or whatever I was wearing that day.  But now they are supposed to know who their nurse is because we are all wearing the same color?

Nurse 2-9-11 024 

The material of the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs is so soft, like wearing flannel pj’s to work!  And since I work in a cardiac unit, I love the heart rhythm stitching along the neckline of this top.

Nurse 2-9-11 026

Love this top with the ruffles!  Even the cap sleeves are ruffled 🙂

Nurse 2-9-11 027

This navy blue top has a rounded neck and ruching along the shoulders.  Minor details to spark up a ho-hum navy top.

Nurse 2-9-11 028

I also bought some white scrub tops to wear with my navy blue pants.  We can wear white or navy on top.  This white top has a square neck and the material is patterned, making it not so boring!

Nurse 2-9-11 029

The detail along this rounded neckline is different.  It adds a little spice to an ordinary white scrub top.

Nurse 2-9-11 030

I think the embroidery in this white top is pretty, plus the neckline is something other than the traditional uniform v-neck.

Nurse 2-9-11 031

And this white top with lace detail.  I hope it doesn’t “age” me and make me look like a grandma though.

Nurse 2-9-11 032

I love animal prints.  You know that.  You’ve seen the background on my blog.  I’m loving this leopard white top (of course I will wear something underneath it as it is burnout).

Nurse 2-9-11 033

So along with my navy blue and white uniforms I can and will continue to wear all of my colorful tennis shoes.  Orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, red and black will still be seen skating around the hallways of the hospital.  I say skating because most days I feel like I have roller skates on because I am walking so fast from here to there and back taking care of my patients.  I need to wear a pedometer.  I am sure you all would be surprised to see how many miles I walk in a day at work!

Nurse 2-9-11 034

Me and bright colors get along really well and for now, that cannot be changed!

To see more of how I love the color orange click here.



Do you have to wear a uniform to work?


Do you wish you had to wear a uniform to work so you wouldn’t spend so much time obsessing about what to wear and  spend a lot of $ on dressy work clothes?

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Wife, Foodie, Traveler, Shopaholic. I am a thirty-something tactfully-opinionated nurse living in the Midwest. I believe shopping counts as cardio, tea cannot be too sweet, anything orange (and sparkly!) can cure a bad mood, and no one can have enough clothes, accessories or shoes. I love to bake, indulge in celebrity gossip, cupcakes, reality tv, photography, travel anywhere new or places that I've already graced, spend time with my family and live life the way I am meant to. I am in love with my iPhone, husband and 2 wrinkly shar-peis. Join me on the journey of my candy coated life. Fasten your seatbelts! This is the scene from ME!
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41 Responses to Rainbow Bright Be Gone

  1. how annoying that you can’t wear the colored ones anymore…that’s how it is at the hospital i’m at now though…i think it helps people tell the nursing students from the real deal 🙂 and you have an amazing number of shoes! i do love all the cute navy and white you go though!

  2. That stinks that you can’t wear your bright colors anymore. At least you have A TON of shoes to match with boring navy blue. Maybe you spice up your earrings too?

  3. Good heavens. Can I borrow all your shoes? They all are adorable!

    That is awful about not being able to wear any of your colourful ones.

    I just lifeguard but we obviously have to wear a red and black swim suit.

  4. LOL! Your closet’s sneaker collection looks like mine! LOL! I see like 5 pairs of the exact shoes (not kidding) in my own closet. I need those yellow Asics! Love them! Yellow is my favorite. I’m sorry to hear of the lame dress code, but necessity breeds creativity! An you, my love, are creative. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. This Italian Family says:

    Sad day! 😦 I’m so sorry they’ve taken away your rainbow of scrubs. 😦 But! I love that you have picked out cutesy details with your new ones! I love the ruffles! So much! And I love that you will still get to wear colorful sneakers and fun jewelry! 🙂

  6. Kace says:

    My sister is a nurse and the same thing happened to her. But at least you found some cute options!

    I will say though; I went to public school through 8th then switched to Catholic. I L-O-V-E-D having a uniform. Took so much stress out of my life not having to chose! And saved me money. I wouldn’t mind having a uniform but I guess having choices is nice.

  7. Holli says:

    That DOES suck. I agree!! I like your bright colored scrubs a lot… too cute….

  8. Jenny says:

    Omg that sucks!!! You have so many pretty scrubs, I love standing out and being bright too 🙂 I’m going into the medical field so hopefully I won’t have to wear blue everyday 😦 The ruffles are cute

  9. terri says:

    we had to wear “PURPLE” when i worked at the hospital. then they changed it to navy, which was a little better. the purple color looked funny. as an RN, we could also wear white any time. i love the ruffles on that little gray’s top! adorable.

  10. surlykitchen says:

    can you wear little pins? urban outfitters sells funky, fun pins. some are pictures and some are fun quotes/sayings. that or get some funky brooches. get a bunch of silly bandz to wear on your wrist to add color. that’s about all i can think of.

  11. Kayla says:

    You have sooo many shoes, I have like one pair of flats, one pair of tennis, one pair of heels, one pair of flip flops and that’s it!

  12. Olivia says:

    I love all of your athletic shoes!! I’m so jealous that you can get all those nike ones in yellow orange and red; I have really narrow feet and need stability in my shoe (a very uncommon foot!) so there’s seriously 2 pairs of shoes at my running store to pick from..I’ve had the same type of shoe (in all 3 colors!!) for the past 3 years! haha sorry to hear about the navy outfits though; I don’t get why they would do that in the first place! If I’m sick or in the hospital for whatever reason, the last thing I want to do is see a bunch of navy blue outfitted people walking around. I like PIZZAZZ!!

  13. Uh, you have the awesomest scrubs ever! And I was obsessed with rainbow brite back in the day so i sort of loved your title 🙂

    I seriously love all the detail in all those clothes! I used to work a sbux and we had a uniform that I never really did much with… but then again I’m just lazy with my clothing choices in general 😉

    looove your shoe collection!

  14. holy sneakers girlfriend!! love the blue and white options that you did pick out though!

  15. simplyshaka says:

    This sucks, boo! I would not roll well if I wasnt able to wear what I wanted to work–where’s the individuality?? Navy blue is so blah and I like when my nurses have funky colors and give it some flare. You definitely need to find that Bedazzler-stat!

  16. Girl has some shoes! I think you did a great job choosing the white and navy sets though, they look adorable! My favorite is the ruffly one=)

  17. Wow, you have a lot of tennis shoes! How did you get so many?


  18. I remember when my mother’s hospital changed to blue and white scrubs. That left her with so many other colors at home, she had to donate them to good will!

  19. LOVE your closet! You are so organized – That is ridiculous about the scrubs!!
    I am always colorful and people always say im childish for that – im sorry i dont want to dress in depressing black all the time! Haha.
    Nursing for 13 years! How old are you?(i know you arent supposed to ask this – you dont have to answer!) I thought you were 21!

  20. meri says:

    Urgh same color every day!
    I had some major panic when my school threatened to get uniforms back in elementary school. I thought my world would end 🙂

  21. that’s a bull$**t rule!!! Where do you work, I am going to pretend to be a patient, write them a letter and tell them how dull and uninspiring their nurses are. Except the one with the tangerine dream sneakers, that is!!!

    I *DIE* for your sneaker collection, btw. WOWWWW!!!!

    I do wear a pedometer. You’d be surprised to find out how *little* walk in a day. A typical work day I will do 1k-2k steps. At my conference I was walking 6k-7k steps a day which was so awesome. On weekends I do 3k-4k but hope it’s more when the weather is nicer and I get out more. I have this and it works great: http://omronwebstore.com/detail/OMR+HJ-112

  22. Wow, that’s quite the collection of scrubs girlie! I’m so jealous!

    Our hospital just did the reverse. We used to only be able to wear boring royal blue, but a couple of years ago they decided to let us wear whatever we want! I’m still trying to find a good brand that fits well. I have a few of the Grey’s Anatomy and I love the fit and feel, but they’re just so freaking expensive!!

  23. KATIE says:

    that stinks… I can totally ‘feel’ your pain because about 3 months after spending 100’s on uniforms we had to go to a ‘standard’ blue scrub as well! 😦

  24. OliePants says:

    I love your shoe collection! I wish I had such a variety of comfy shoes! I tend to go overboard on my work shoes and have about 3 pairs of tennis shoes. You have inspired me to shop, though. I don’t have a uniform per se but I do wear a suit everyday if that counts!

  25. BrittFit says:

    WOW! Im so jealous! haha love your shoe collection that is crazy :0 haha

  26. I am LOVING all of your tennis shoes! So cute!!

  27. Charlie says:

    I’m less ashamed of the number of shoes I own now :P.
    I had a uniform in high school. Mornings were easier ;).

  28. Jess says:

    Your closet looks quite organized–mine needs a little help 😉

  29. Mary says:

    Can I tell you that your closet looks JUST like mine!

    I’m a nurse too in the CCU at my hospital I’m SO glad that we don’t have a dress code… yet anyway.. we can wear whatever ( I mostly wear scrub sets plain jane (I LOVE Grey’s scrubs!!) ) I feel for you though, a lot of my girlfriends wear uniform scrubs. like all red or green… or my friend who works in the cath-lab. she wears leads all day. haha!

    ps… that’s a LOT of nikes!

  30. Nichole says:

    What an amazing assortment of tennis shoes you have!!!!!

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