These lil munchkin treats kinda melt in your mouth! 

Oreo cheesecake pretzel bites. 

 Simply stated. 

Simply,  err, not easily irresistable.

Oreo cheesecake pretzel bites

 Bite.  Munch.  Taste.  Crunch.  Yummy.  Zesty.  Divine.  Flavorful.  Delicious.  Appetizing. Unbeatable.  Finger licking good.  Mouthwatering.  Palatable.  Rich.  Scrumptious. Savor. Tart.  Sweet.  Tasteful. Chewy.  Enticing. Lip-smacking. Nutritious. Sparkling.  Sugarcoated.     

I am a food lover and trying to widen my palate all the while creating new fool-proof recipes!

A carved pineapple

Chocolate JENGA


7 Responses to Deliciousness

  1. Send me a comment if you’d like the quick and easy, no bake recipe!

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  4. Always up for some easy recipes. These treats looks delicious!

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